How do you make a option to spectate when you die or respawn when you die

Im making a game called biome battles (check it out) but i want to make it so the host has a option to make the gamemode when you die you can become a spectator OR when you die you can respawn

Use a button rigged to a team switcher set to spectators.
or a game overlay rigged the same way that says turn to spectators as a button not number or tracked item or text.


So whenever you die make it so you teleport into a inescapable room with two overlays that say respawn or spectate using a team switched or eliminate them and respawn them at a different place

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thanks so much! i will try that!

what is rigged???

Lifecycle (When Player Knocked Out) —> Show Popup (Triggering Player Only)
CTA 1: Die
CTA 2: Respawn
Make “die” have a channel of “death”. Put “death” in the channel in the team switcher, and turn them to spectators team. Then for respawn, make a new channel on CTA 2 and put it for respawn.

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that’s my question how DO you rigg it?

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