How do you make a cave? (outside)

I’m trying to make a cave for my map but… ahem

It doesn’t look very… realistic, maybe because it doesn’t look 3d.
Can someone help me make my cave more realistic? I tried searching up guides, but the guides only had the insides of the caves.

Maybe make the inside dark?

Try going into props and searching up “rock.”


O: no way never thought of that I am smooth

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art is only for Community Made Guides

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I made a cave before, let me find a pic…

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Oop, didn’t know that. Thanks.

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(Don’t mind the memory…)


Woah! That’s… amazing? Does it work on my 2d looking surface too?

UUhhhh… Sorry to say this… no. You can adjust it, and add less rocks, or make the surface of your map 3D if you have leftover memory.

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Ok, I’ll try it, and mark it as a solution if it works.

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Screenshot 2024-04-04 3.49.36 PM
How does this look?

Great! That looks

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Thank you for the help @gimmaster12345 !

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