How do you make a BF1 operation-style gamemode

I figured it out, let me go build it

I love it! it might work!

tell us what worked… and mark a solution… not trying to be rude.

basicly Attacker and defender swap like in tag domination, then each team can go after there oppents point. Once they capture it, they get a point and everything is reset

I can make a guide on it I have idea…If you still need help that is…

When you find your answer could you please send it to this topic?

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Could you tell us what BF1 stand for?

BattleField 1, a FPS in WW1

I have an idea… what about the force respawn, but there is a relay… using @Legobuilder’s idea

should i make a guide about how to do this??

oooh, ok thanks. :slight_smile:

All you would need to do is to make it send a signal when the flag is captured, and have the teleporter receive the signal to turn it off

Just to confirm, this is NOT CTF. it is a Alternating hardpoint where the attacker and defenders switch roles

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Make it when point captured it broadcasts too two relays each one for specific team (one for attackers and one for defenders) and each relay activates a different team switcher. (so say team 1 is attackers and team 2 is defender, when point is capture team 1 switches to tema 2 and team 2 to team 1.

Ill give you pictures and see if this is what you mean.

Just make sure when point is given it broadcasts on the channel that relays the 2 relays.

Oh. Well then, you should add this into the original post.

did my guide help at all?

Theres a problem. I want the game to have more then one round, so switching teams would mess up the scores

I know how to do that ill show you how to do it in an hour when i have like 45 mins of free time (school)