How do you make a BF1 operation-style gamemode

I wanted to make a game mode like this, but I didn’t know how? any ideas?


I can help! Only problem is I don’t know what that is.

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I just dont know how to set it so the game can easily swap spawn points when a point is capture/tooken

What is your token? I know how to do something like that.

Basicly: Point captured, team who took it now spawns there and other team goes to farther point

What you can do is make it so when it’s captured, there’s wires that set a checkpoint wherever you want it to spawn you!

Yo, just got Battlefield 1 for Black Friday great game. Anyway, I’m pretty sure that you can’t change the spawnpoint of the team without using channels(which I don’t know how to do), but if you know how to, I’m pretty sure it would be easy to do. :+1:

@Mineflyer Try what I just told you, it might work.

If it doesn’t I can think of something else.

This is what i have done, so Point toward capture are removed when defending team is in point and vise vesa

One problem is that i would need a item that detects when a point is captured and deactivate a Teleporter

Also checkpoints cant be team specific

Oh, my bad, I thought you were talking about flag captures… sry :frowning:

It can’t work as checkpoints cant be team spefic

Oh, sorry, I’m not sure how to do that then, sorry, however I’m pretty sure someone will think of a solution.

you could have everybody switch to the opposite team somehow.

Problem: you couldn’t keep score

with counters?
Idk what to do… I could take a look at it later…

WOuld i relay work? i use relays for that stuff a lot…

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I figured it out, let me go build it