How do you get the Licensed badge?

Im very very very confused what even is it

do the advanced tutorial with i think its discobot or smth

whats gimbot i have no clue


The thin im wanting to now is what the advanced tutorial

no the licensed badge

and its disco bot

Oops mb read the title wrong:
this then

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click ur profile on the top right
Screenshot 2024-04-09 8.30.21 PM
then the bookmark thing
Screenshot 2024-04-09 8.30.48 PM
then, if you completed the first guide with discobot, then u should have him bookmarked. click on him.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 8.31.32 PM
then chat “start advanced tutorial”

dang only 362 awarded???
thats low…

I dont know who or what discobot is…

Depends on what you think the number low is
some badges only have like 5 people

did you do the first tutorial with him?

i dont think so really

i mean, there are lots of ppl on the gkc, and only 362

well do you have a message from discobot that says “greetings!”?

ummmmmm how do i check that…

you know ur profile at the top right? click on it and it should have a list of messages. go the to bottom and click the long “v” this should take you to the full list. scroll al the way down and it should be there I think

@discobot start advanced tutorial

do this command

you can also do it here but quickly delete it

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How do i do the first one though

@discobot start tutorial

the command for the certified tutorial