How do you get one item instead of multiple from 1 question

this is very off topic of what i’m about to say but you might want to remove your full name from your profile for safety reasons, your first name is fine but NOT your full name

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I agree, it’s not safe to have your full name on display. Some random creeps can do bad things with it.

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I found out how to do it!!!

you just have it so when you answer a question it gives you one and then removes one!!!

Simple. Just add a questioner and a item granter. Then, click on the questioner, an set it to “When question answered correctly, transmit on” and put “Snow”. Go to the channels area and do so
And if you’re a channel guy like me, just click on the item granter and set it to granter when receiving on “Snow” or just wire it. Make sure it only grants one. Happy Creating. Ask me if you have any more questions!

Ok, mark solution then.

No, you don’t need to remove anything. Just set the settings to give you one.

Like I said before…