How do you get one item instead of multiple from 1 question

hi I am trying to make it so when you answer a question you get 1 item but when I do it it gives me multiple and it ruins my capture the flag game please help I’m kinda new to this.

can you show system?

Well it should just be when question answered h00k it to a item granter and make it give the player the item. Can you further explain to help us understand the problem?

Do you have your settings to get 1

of course I will

take out the code so nobody will jo in
also I can see where you live, might wanna take that out too💀

I checked the settings there’s nothing there?

also wdym there’s nothing there

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how? do you know that?

that’s in the map options
maybe click on the item thingy

Yeah, click the questioner make it, when question answered correctly broadcast “a”. Then item granter, click it press when receiving on put “a” then set the item to what you want.

Also, this is all in the tutorial, check that out if you haven’t already.

maybe its the gadget projectiles?

okay I tried your idea stealthknight and while it helped reduce memory it didn’t fix the problem

You want only one snowball launcher, right?

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yeah that’s what I want to achieve

ok first start with this:

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(questioner and item granter)

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ok I got that how do I let it type less than 20 characters its getting annoying