How do you flag?

Hello, I don’t understand how to flag any help?

You need to be TL2 or higher. Come back when you’re at 15 days (joke).

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And when you do, click on the 3 dots and click the tiny flag : D

I’m sure thats not really helping?

no it’s not It’s me asking for help.

What you mean i never said that

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no it didn’t really can you send me a screen shot?

Actually i think you have to be on here for a sertan amount of days or you have to be a sertan level

to get member you need to be on the forums for 15 days, then you’ll be able to flag posts.

Ok thank you thats the answer I needed.

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Yes, like what @Caternaught said you have to be here for over 15 days

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hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmhmhmhhhmhmm i wonder

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Wait… so you have to be on the forums for 15 days before being able to flag? :thinking: I never paid attention to it sorry


only members can flag. Dont be sorry :cry:

well can you flag? ???

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@leo_flowers can since they are a member or TL2


Screenshot 2024-02-26 5.05.15 PM
So… you have to be a member then… OH ok


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