How do you do this with inventory?

i want my inventory to give me 100 dollars when the game starts but i dont know how to

game start inventory device

Use the starting inventory device

ok ill try

Game start inventory device and change the item to cash then make it 100 instead of 1

Add a life cycle with on game start, then link it to a item granter, make it give you 100 dollars, and that’s it :slight_smile:

Or you can just use game start inventory

do i wire it to anything??



how do i make it so it show it at the top @Cellofive

I don’t understand the question.
Maybe a game overlay with tracked item?

wait ill take a screen shot

here is how i would do it

have you tryed when you enter a zone connected to an item granter that gives you 100 cash, but the zone is connected to a trigger that when triggers turns off the zone (so you can’t just keep walking into it)

A starting inventory does that exact thing, but It’s contained in one device and much more memory efficient


how do i make it look that so i know i get it @Cellofive ?

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Just look in your inventory at the start of the game.
Or use a notification

he wants the money to show it that it was given to him tho…