How do you do this? i cant find it

How do i put a GimGulp in my Game?

A what? I guess you could arrange some props…

Have you seen it in the Tag game, the little soda bottle?

That is just a shield can, the gimgulp is an admin only item

Wait, It is a shield can???
Not a prop???

I thought you were talking about the item but the prop is not available either

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Gimgulp Prop · Gimkit Feedback (
Here is the link to the nolt suggestion if you would like to upvote it so it is more likely to get added. You could also put a suggestion in the official gimkit Discord.

With what? The GimGulp prop?

Sorry, what is a GimGulp Prop?

Yeah, if it’s off topic here then make a new topic for the question.