How do you do a seconds survived leaderboard?

So I’m making a Hide n’ Seek Map and the seekers tag the hiders. I tried what other posts said and it only worked for knockout maps but not for tag maps. Can someone help me?

Have a property which increases every second. When KO’d, stop increasing property. Like this
Screenshot 2023-12-21 4.50.10 PM

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You will need:
Property 1x
Counter 1x
Trigger 1x
Tag Zone 1x
Lifecycle 1x

Property Settings:
Name: Secs
Type: Number
Default: 0

Tag Zone:
your average tag zone

Starting Value: 0
Update Property: Secs

Invisible, no collision
Trigger receiving on: Trigger
Triggered, transmit on: Trigger

Game Start
Transmit on: Trigger

Tag Zone → Trigger: player Tagged → Deactivate Trigger
Trigger → Counter: Triggered → Increment

Score Name: Seconds Survived
Score Property: Secs

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will that work with tags? Instaed of knockouts manager

Just have them earn the same item every second they survive and use the leaderboard for amount of item.
Item Granter ---------------> Relay -------------> Repeater (One second)

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You can swap out the KO manager with the tag zone
When player tagged -> Deactivate trigger

@Beluga_Whale I finsiehd
Try it out

Yes, it will, I use that strategy all the time

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Use that for a guide!
Hurry, there’s no guide on it yet!

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Ok, I will!

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Remember when you make it to show my post of why!
IDK why I care, I just do.

Also, @Blizzy, I realized that you don’t have great topic yet achieved, maybe this will get you 25 likes! Not trying to brag @Blizzy but I have two…

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