How do you display a certain player’s username?

I recently released a map…but I encountered a bug. How do you display SPECIFIC player usernames?

This is so players can find each other on the map.

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i dont believe this is possible, as of now anyways.

I am not exactly sure how, or even if you can. You would have to have the player have a preset name to even possibly have it work. Maybe try a player selector and see if it can help explain it father.

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Yeah that guide is the way to do it.


Sorry, but that’s not currently possible in GKC. Maybe eventually, though…

@Bookwyrm703, if you don’t have any more questions about this, can u mark a solution?

@Frozen_cursor, if you see this, please check the ORA Padlet ASAP. I need help with a mechanic for my game.

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Prove it if you say that it’s impossible. That goes for you too, @speedy_kd4.


how? With a waypoint or plain text?

It is possible with text, but not with a waypoint