How do you change your profile picture?

How do you change profile picture?

  1. ideas tag? bruh why is that popping up so much.
  2. off-topic.

now, click on edit button.
and click upload.
Select the file (if you know what that means)

hey, what age range are you?
less than 13

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In your profile, go to preferences, then, under account, you may. Don’t forget to save!

@chunky, this is not off-topic if it is a forums-related question. Now that you have your answer @MINYOUGROUPLTD, please mark a solution.

As well, welcome to the forums. Make sure you read the Community Guidelines and the Terms Of Service (TOS). For reading the guidelines, you even get a badge!


Please remove your real name from your bio, that is personal information, and is public. As well, I recomend filling out your bio. As well, make sure you are age 13+.

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Ohhhhhh!! Thank you :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

First off, get rid of the ideas tag. Also, this is unnecessary and offtopic. Also, what age are you?

don’t Spam emojis please.

Forum-related is off-topic. check the rules.

@MINYOUGROUPLTD mark solution.

also, @Unit_72 bruhhh why did you reveal the age rule now they’lll lie


It is off topic. The forums is for asking questions about GKC, not about asking questions about the forums. Please make sure you know what you’re talking about before making remarks.

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Okay, but it happens sometimes and nobody really cares.


yeah nvm. I’m 70% sure they’re 13/under.

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what does?

Random questions about the forums, esspesially from new users…

But @MINYOUGROUPLTD, still mark a solution, you have 2 responses.

Okay guys. First of all, this is off-topic. Second, this is solved. There is no need to reply.

bro- can you just leave this topic? You honestly make every situation more than what it needs to be. Please, everyone stop replying.

it’s okay, Yoyo.
Cool PFP, by the way.

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Also, we don’t recommend using a real-life picture as PFP
sorry Chunky & Blackjack, no more replies
Edit: Can you search before you post anything? @MINYOUGROUPLTD

Edit: Thanks Blackjack, I like your too lol

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You close a topic by looking to the bottom of a post and seeing the text and a checkmark. Click that and that response as a solution.


btw nevew ask for ones age as they may feel uncomfortable saying so

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