How do you apply a damage boost to a sentry

I want to make a sentry do the least amount of damage possible.

You just set the damage in the sentry settings.

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there is no setting for that. @Kosm0-o

yeah this is not possible

what is BBSI

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I think it stands for bring back sentry interactions? I don’t remember.


Yeah that’s correct.

Anyways, this is impossible. Since sentry interactions are gone, that means you can’t really do anything.

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well maybe I can just use a health granter and a lifecycle that detects when a gadget is fired. then I just have to figure out how to make it applicable to only the sentries.


Don’t think it counts sentries.

Even if it does, damage can’t be like a property, I mean it can, but like, oh well. I think itw ould be possible, but it probably won’t be.

Count if it counts a sentry firing their gadget. If it counts, tell me.

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I lost my brain in Canada. Maybe it’s in the washing machine? Oh. What’s a washing machine.
yes I’m going crazy and forgot that wasn’t a setting

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what do you mean

it doesn’t work. :frowning:

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Scrap the idea then.

It’s not possible.


Make him do like bad aim or something or try to prevent him from doing damage

I have another idea though. maybe if you can figure out the exact firing rate of the sentry, maybe it could work.
you would have to make it aimbot accuracy so it ensures it to work every time

You could possibly do this through the gadgets raritys.
Have 2 sentries in the same spot, one sentry has a legendary zapper and the other has a common.
Have the common not active on game start.
When the “Damage boost” is applied, deactivate the sentry with the legendary zapper and activate the sentry with a common zapper.
Of course any gadget works.


Oh. wait that is so smart. but ironically, I wanted to make the damage go down.

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Yeah… The lowest damage you want any sentry you have must have a common version of the gadget, closest i could get.

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so what is the lowest damage you can do?

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For a sentry or player?

uhh, pretty sure common zapper.
also if you have deafault health, and all of the shots land from a common zapper, you will die