How do you activate a button when you have a certain amount of an item

How do you activate a device when you have a certain amount of an item

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use counter or have one of those devices that activate when a criteria has been


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heres my guide for this lol How to make a cool item zone that opens to players with a certain score! Difficulty: 🟨 - #21 by Coolcaden26

I’m talking about a button

you can use a checker, wire repeater, lifecycle, and whatever device you want to activate. (I’m not 100% this works but I think it does.)

  1. Wire lifecycle(game start) to checker. when event happens → check
  2. wire checker to wire repeater. if check fails → repeat wire pulse
  3. wire the wire repeater to checker. wire pulse repeated → check
  4. wire checker to button. check passes → activate/deactivate button

Hope this helps!

wire a repeater to a checker and make it so it constantly checks for x amount of x item. then connect the checker to the button and make it so when check passes → activate button

that’s what I just said. but u need a lifecycle to activate it

yeah my mistake i started typing before i saw, also do you need a lifecycle?? cant you just set the repeater to check constantly for game start inside the settings of it?? if not my apologies i dont know much about repeaters

all my repeaters are all ready used up for my Cookie clicker and the rest of my bedwars map

my bad. I thought it said wire a wire repeater to a checker. I don’t think you need a lifecycle for that. Wire repeaters are way more memory efficient though.

use a wire repeater like I said in my first comment for this topic


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oh alright!! : D thats true though repeaters kinda sorta suck

they suck in the way you use them!!

huh?? wdym they suck in the way that i use them

I use them in a Cookie Clicker and they are pretty helpful so explain how I can make Cookie Clicker upgrades with a wire repeater