How do u make it so teleporters are active before game starts?

How do you make it that so before the game starts, you are able to teleport to other places like in 4 corners and other games?

They’re automatically active at the beginning. You have the ability to deactivate them on game start, however.


Well why isn’t it working 4 me?

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Are you using a showcase link for testing?

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Would that affect it?

no i usally just play the already posted game

it has to be groups not channels

Edit: @Kormorant if you’re not adding anything to my response don’t post it again


good point
use groups, e.g., “group 1” and “group 2”

wait which four corners are you referencing? four corners+?

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no i meant like the gimkit 4 corners where u run acrss the map for the right one. I wanted to make it like how u ca see info before game start. (I guess it’s a bad thing I s*ck at channels and groups)

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oh you want a lobby?

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the one made by kh?
i can help with a lobby if you need one

i have a lobby but u can’t teleport to the game info because the teleporters don’t work before game stat.

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yeah i forgot who made it but I think they did so yeah and some help would be great.

yes you need groups
to fo this make up a word or something and insert it in the teleporter group and teleport to group area in the teleporter settings

@Kormorant if they don’t know what your talking about repeating won’t help

let me get on your c0des padlet post smth there

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ok, wait r u on my padlet?

posting codes on padlets and then linking them here is no different from posting them here