How do I use the property device?

After looking through several posts I still have no Idea how to use the property device.

The property device is like an editor for properties. You can use it to change the type, starting variable, or scope of them. You can also use them to send a signal when a certain property is updated. For more information, you can also look in this guide

maybe try this guide? The Power of Properties

But like, what even are properties?

It can set the property to be text, numbers, or true/false. You can also set a starting value and change the scope!

Check gum1922’s post with a link to a guide.

Properties are similar to variables but they can be checked and changed from any block.

i dunno what properties are too Pukster Puck Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Sadness, Dog, Pug
imma check my link

In a nutshell, properties are variables/amounts that can be changed in the game. Devices like counters and iim’s use them. They are very useful for many reasons that Mysz’s post explains well.

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I honestly thought you used it for items or something outside of a player’s inventory.

The property is a device that you can store information. You can choose text or number for the type. If you choose number, it’s kinda like a counter where you can increment, decrement or reset using blocks. It’s a very very important device and almost every advanded guide uses them.

You could make it track an item but there is already a setting in map options to make the leaderboard be of _ item

No I meant if you put the item outside of your inventory and only you or someone you allow to can touch it.

I believe you can change the dropped item scope in map options. I may be wrong though.

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