How do I turn a file into a jpeg?

I cant upload one of my thumbnails and I need help

You could search this up on Google…

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I usually put a screen shot of my image on Canva, and download it from there as a JPEG file… but… takes a little I think so.

@leo_flowers can u do that for my rq?

Make sure the image is on your computer. Click the “File” menu and select “Open.” Locate your image and click “OK.” Click “File,” then click the arrow next to “Save As.”

I got this from Google. hope it helps

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Well, if you go to the search bar on Google and type your question, it’l pop up just like that

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search up JPEG converter they exist




or you could also just take a screenshot, crop it, and save it to your flies (correct me if I’m wrong )

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here is the image

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Here is a thing for the JPG converter. If this is not allowed, tell me :expressionless:

your fine
it’s helping someone


When you save a file, look at the end of the file name. If it is not “.jpg”, change it to that. If it is, leave it.

Now it is a JPG → same as JPEG

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