How do i teleport the seeker to certain area and not let them get the quantum portal until they are teleported back to the map

Is it possible to do this and if it is what mechanics do i need to use?

Use wire to a teleporter with Player teleported here --------->grant item (quantum portal)


make it to when player teleports to second teleporter, nothing happens, but when player uses second teleporter grant quantum portal.

Would you be able to explain it a little bit.(sorry if i’m asking too much from you)

Its ok, so when you use two teleporters, make one thatteleports to one, and the other back to the first one, which means the channel names in the settings must be, teleport toβ€¦β€œT1” and gets teleport from β€œT2”. the vis-versa on thesecond and make it to when player teleports useing the second teleporter, a item granter will give them a quantom portal.

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Thank you for the solution wolftech

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