How do I teleport everyone by clicking a button

I need help with my game and I need a button that will teleport everyone to a location but you need a key to teleport and press the button.

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So for the button to teleport people, it is fairly simple. Wire your button to a relay, and then wire the relay to the teleporter. That should then teleport everyone to the location. In order for the button to be locked without a key, you can just use a vending machine that deactivates a barrier around the button.

Ok, Thanks! It works!!!

you place a button, then place a teleporter, then wire it to when pressed teleport. PLace the teleporter where you want players to teleport. Make sure in the teleporter settings it says global effect. Or nvm, mark @WhoAmI’s post as the solution!

The barrier won’t deactivate when I buy the item through the vending machine

Wait I forgot to wire it :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

you could use relay and set settings to all other players and teleport everyone else

you have the barrier wired from the vending machine, not channeled, and it should work if it says when purchased, deactivate barrier.

and use a checking system to check if the player has it and if they do they can activate it

I would use a rely with every player on and than put whatever the buttons channel output is as the rely input channel and then the relys output channel be a teleporter input channel.

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Check this out: Ideas for War forge thumbnail - Help - Gimkit Creative

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