How do I teleport certain players to their own separate area try 2

(I tried this earlier and nobody really answered. Here’s a redo.)So, I’m making a hunger games style thing, and when the game host presses a button, each player is sent to their own platform at the cornucopia. This is slightly similar to ones i’ve seen already posted, but hears the closest one I could find: How do I make teams and have them teleport to certain places? The idea is that the players are sorted into 24 teams (hopefully one per team.) Is it possible to do this all in one button?

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Maybe hook a button up to teleporters that only one team can teleport to?

I don’t think teleporters can be used by only one team. :confused:

You can use a relay and set it to a specific team and teleport everyone their when relay triggered

Oh. I thought that was a setting, maybe I’m getting it mixed up. Sorry!

Not necessarily you can make a target teleporter for one team

You can use a button or a trigger to trigger the relay

So I use button inked up to a relay linked up to 24 teleporters?

or do I need 24 relays?

no, you can use a button, and wire the button to a relay and set the relays settings to specific team, then wire that to a teleporter with the settings relay trigger teleport there.

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Is that one for each team, then? Also, I’ve heard of a relay, but what do they actually do?

Relays are what the things apply to like how many people get faster or slower, or how many get telported.

you can make it apply to everyone, everyone but you, specific teams and other settings

Thank you so much @Dragon_Tamer !

No Problem just remember to trigger it too, like starting it with a button or a trigger

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