How do I stay motivated on working on my projects?

I’ve “created” two games already, but I can’t find the motivation to complete them. I am almost finished with them, but now I have another idea for a game but I don’t want to abandon my other projects.

try searching for ideas you could add to the maps

Thanks! but on the first game it’s mostly rewiring portals and fixing bugs. And I hate boring stuff like that. ._.

Perhaps try working with some friends or other people on the Wixsite. It’s more fun making and fixing things when you have companions.


Yes! that’s a good idea! thanks!


Yeah I make a bunch of maps and haven’t had any motivation to complete. Wingwave’s idea is what I recommend. It happened to me once actually!

I really didn’t find any reason to finish my game, perfect heist but, as soon as my friend and I were working together, we were powering through it making it amazing!

show them to a friend and tell them about if they say its cool and i want to see it done maybe you’ll get motivation for it, thats one way i get it because adhd

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