How do i stack all upgrades

how would i stack speed, endurance, efficiency, and energy per question, i know people have done speed, but what about the rest?

wdym by stack?

Use a property to keep track of how many times the thing has been updated

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So place one counter. Make it player-scoped, and update a property named the upgrade. Make it increase when the upgrade is purchased using channels. Then, place down checkers. You should have as many checkers as you have vending machines. In the checkers, set the check to check whether the property is equal to 1. If not, it causes the next checker to go. That checker checks to see if it is equal to 2. Repeat for all of the checkers. If checker number 1’s check passes, make it broadcast on the upgrade + “1”. If checker number 2’s check passes, make it broadcast on the upgrade + “2”. You get the idea. Make whatever you want to do happen on this channel. Now, place down the property. Make it player-scoped and wire it to the first checker. Property updated → run check. Done.
Edit: You have to do this for every upgrade you want to be stackable.


oh. I get it now. dum mistake lol