How do I show enemy players?

Then use triggers that trigger themselves, and have property counting the number of times that it was triggered. Or even better, make a counter that deactivates the trigger when it reaches 50.

Ok thank you! I think I was able to find my answer to my question; use a relay that relays for every other player.

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Can someone change the tag to resolved?

I think the use of the resolved tag is declining, and I don’t think it should be used, since there is a solution.

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Ok True :+1:

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Remember, waypoints can only track one player at a time!

Remember, you can alays use the ‘highlight enemy indicators’ thingy in map options.

That’s why you need the repeaters.

So I just found out that it didn’t work…

Ok. I’ve never done this, so I don’t know if it would work.

Ok, can you get on the GCC so I can send you a link to the game?

Didn’t Karl say that GCC’s expired?


I don’t know about it. It’s weird.

It says that it will be shut down at any time. Now let’s get back on-topic because other sites aren’t afflicted.

settings map options enemy indicators enabled

Wire the overlay to a relay that shows the players using a waypoint. Connect the overlay to a wire repeater with a 5-second delay and have that disable the waypoint

Nevermind, this won’t work.

Not what I asked for, I asked for a way to show enemy locations with waypoint’s.

that is possible @RickStachely has done it, but let me look for a guide.