How do I show enemy players?

So I am making a battle royale game and I unwant to know how I can show a certain class of player where other players are using waypoints. The only thing is, I don’t know how to.

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Waypoints might be able to be used with recursion, but that would be buggy.

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Also how do I allow for it to only be shown to a certain team? Or is that gimpossible?

Just use wire repeater filter, or for better stuff, use trigger and the team number block. For pseudo teaming, use property with an iim.


Just use wire repeater filter

The wire repeater can let only a single team through.

Oh ok lol I was confused with what you meant.

I am sorry, but I don’t understand how to implement that into my game. Here is some information over why I need it:
I have a class called Spy and its ability is to see enemy player locations, but it has CD and a duration of 5 seconds. In order for the spy to use its ability it needs to press a overlay that will then do something and then show the waypoints for 5 seconds and then hide them.

So make a repeater that repeats every .5s. It’s scope, if it has one should be player. It should broadcast on the first rep as well. It should trigger the waypoint. The repeater in question should be activated by an every other player relay.

I reached the maxiumum limit for repeaters…

Then use triggers that trigger themselves, and have property counting the number of times that it was triggered. Or even better, make a counter that deactivates the trigger when it reaches 50.

Ok thank you! I think I was able to find my answer to my question; use a relay that relays for every other player.

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Can someone change the tag to resolved?

I think the use of the resolved tag is declining, and I don’t think it should be used, since there is a solution.

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Ok True :+1:

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Remember, waypoints can only track one player at a time!

Remember, you can alays use the ‘highlight enemy indicators’ thingy in map options.

That’s why you need the repeaters.

So I just found out that it didn’t work…