How do I send my screenshot thumbnail

How do I put a thumbnail while I’m publishing? I have it as a screenshot. Can anyone help?

Just if you want to see it:



so I want to publish my game. I have a thumbnail I created in google slides, but my computer wont load up the screenshots. help?

oh my computer does that too… maybe try downloading it as a pdf…?

how do I download as a pdf
btw did you see it?

maybe try changing the ending…?
for example, if it ends in jpeg then make it pdf

idk I’m not the best with this sorry

I have to go sorry

did you download the image or the slide?
maybe try this:

i have google slide-

how do i use it- and what should I set it to?

honestly. idk if it works for slides. just take a screenshot of the single slide and crop it…

i took a screenshot, put it to pdf (some reason) and now how do i turn it into a download so I can publish it

oh yea did you see it yet or smth

pdf is not an image. just use the screen shot (if it needs cropping then crop it).

oh- it doesnt work. check what i sent. That is what I am trying to do

@Kosm0-o you dont need to worry I got it. Thanks for the website btw

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  1. right click the image. click “save image as…” and save it. then upload it in publishing options.

  2. go to a link to png converter or something like that and use it.

oh im done alredy but thanks for your help!

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sorry. I posted and then read the post you made. have a nice night or whatever your time zone is :smiley:

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