How do i see this message

i’ve heard it many times (other ppl saying it i mean)

I think you have to be at a certain trust level to see that.

because every person who has posted their first post, like the message, the message will i appear for everyone, except fo you,.

I don’t understand. I just want to see when others have posted their first post.

You need to keep coming back to the forums making posts and being active until you get the member badge, then you should be able to see it.

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Do you know how many people are at each trust level?

Just go to the badges scroll down to the trust level section, then it will tell you.

Sorry, but how do you make a bio or write a little bit about yourself on your profile?

You go to your pfp in the top right and click, go to the profile tab, click preferences, and it will let you change some stuff.
Then you have to go to the profile section on that tab, and then you can change even more stuff.


Until I got the member badge, I would welcome people when I saw other people welcoming them first. You could do that if you wanted.

Yeah I usually just check their profile to see how long they’ve been on the forums

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