How do I see if the game has started?

I was working on a Gimkit Creative, and I want to have a spot where players are before the game starts, but I don’t want them to leave the area until the game has started. So, what device do you use to see if the game has ended?


Do you mean like a lobby? Because I really need to figure out how to make a lobby too. It could be a cool feature and a great place to put instructions.

In the settings of a player spawner, you can set it as “pre-game” or “game” so when it is pre-game the player spawns where you place the pre-game spawner.


Thank you!!! So much!!! (My attempt at making the post longer than 20 characters)

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Lol, no problem I’m glad I could help in some way!!!

I put “pre-game” and “game”, but could not find the device, could you put a picture showing the search you put?

No that is a setting in the device “spawn pad” look that up

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