How do I respawn different teams in different places?

I’m making a cops vs. robbers kind of game, and I want to make it so that the robbers respawn in the dungeon while the cops respawn in their offices. All of the criminals are on one team and the cops are on the other, is there a way to do this?

Just use team-specific spawn pads, @Nibblet

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Does that work even if I want the players to start in a different area? So that the criminals start outside of their cells, but if they get knocked out, they respawn in a cell.

You can switch their team when they are knocked out. You can do that with a team switcher device

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Just wire Lifecycle → Trigger → Team Switcher
Player Knocked Out → Have a block that if the team is the original Cop team, switch to team 4, if it is the original robber team, switch to team 3 → Team switcher

Ok thank you, that was very helpful :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome! Make sure to mark a solution if you have your answer! Glad to be of help!

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