How do i report this?

today I found someone who has copied my thumbnail, this is mine

This is theirs

Please help me.

contact Jeff maybe idk

Just email
Jeffo and Josh may be busy, so emailing Gimkit is the best option.
Just make sure to provide a link of the game and explain why it is inappropriate.

Or emailing Jeffo or Josh is good, for faster responses.
:no_mouth: I have nothing else to say…

And, to be honest…

People copying thumbnails probably won’t do any damage unless you have your own signature or copyright on them. It looks like they have your same one, but with your signature on them. You should definitely contact them.

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As an addition to help you confirm that they copied from you and not the other way around, point out that their thumbnail is lower quality. I mean seriously, 144p isn’t a lot of pixels.

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Screenshot 2024-04-02 11.30.20 AM
you sure that’s even your thumbnail?

Hey, there’s this really cool word with 5 letters. It’s called, slang.

Edit: also, it wouldn’t make much sense if Lilmonke321 said it was M1dnight’s thumbnail.