How do i publish maps to discovery

i can’t find how to publish my maps so other can play without no wixsite or code and without no link i want to be able to publish my map in the discovery.

In the settings of your map, you can publish your game.

that just give the link

Open up map options, there should be something that says to publish the map. You have to pay 1000 gimmicks and to be lvl 50 to publish. Click the publish button, not the showcase button.

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wait really are you actually serious?

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Yes. It’s the actual update. It’s crazy.

Yes. However, if you have the season ticket, it is free. However, if you don’t you have to be level 50, have 1000 gimmicks, and you can only publish 3.

but the season ticket cost money.

Yes. You can still publish it without the ticket, it simply is more difficult.

Well don’t know what to tell you :woman_shrugging:

welp level 31 so the only thing i can do rn is play gimkit matches.

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