How do i make when you die you spawn somewhere else

i’m making a dodgeball map and i want to make when you die you spawn somewhere else i need help

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Use the Checkpoint device?

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how has no one noticed this

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how do i make it do that

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When you trigger (step) on the checkpoint, when you die, it spawns you where you stepped on it.

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can you send me a screenshot

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You could make a spawn pad someplace and then put a respawn thing somewhere else.

can i have a screenshot of the checkpoint

(For the checkpoint)

sorry i’m new to this

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Its alr, we all were once upon a time :stuck_out_tongue:

no of what haiasi said to do on the checkpoint

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Alr, give me a sec lemme check what he said

when you step on it it changes where your spawn point to where you stepped on it

once upon a time…
when i was new to this…
and really stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
here we are now
stepping closer and closer to the demise of the forum
as time passes

Thats for trigger

This is for checkpoint

oop i replied to myself i meant to reply to @yurmom417

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i’m trying to make it so you die and you spawn in another room and i’m not sure what to do i don’t know if this is the right thing

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thats what it does…
test it for yourself

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Some stupid suggestion:
Add more spawn pads that only a certain team can use.

Edit: Yes I know this suggestion would obviously not work you can spit it at me

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This is what it does. You could check the screenshots above.

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