How do I make weapon have no reload

I need them to have instant reload time

Go to map settings and go to all options (or items I think) and scroll until you see a reload (time ) setting and change it to instant

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I’m making a would you rather map and one of them is instant reload and the other is 5 seconds

so yeah that doesn’t work

I don’t think you can modify reload rate like that.

I recently asked this question as well:


wait, I think I would know how.
First, you have the map settings for no reload. for the instant, you would just give them inf ammo.
then for the 5 second reload, you wire whatever triggers the start to an item greanter, and grant 1 ammo. Then have a counter that grants one ammo every 5 seconds.

hmmm. for my topic that would work! and for Blake_the_GOD’s map it should work too. Add On to Silent’s solve: To repeat use a wire repeater loop or a trigger loop. I’m too lazy to explain it so click here. To stop the loop you would have to give further explanation of the game scenario (timer method or players alive method).

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Maybe if the player chose instant reload, when they use their gadget, and run out of ammo, use checkers, make it take away the gadget and give it back?

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that wouldn’t work because the gadget would still use the same amount of ammo.

He’s asking this,

Wym? (I just don’t understand, can you give more details?)

Ok so say you are using a zapper. A zapper uses light shards as ammo. There is 1 thing that wouldn’t work with your method (although it’s a good idea). When replacing weapons, in this case the zapper, that use the same ammo the ammo amount doesn’t change or renew, making it so that if you had a zapper and replaced it with another zapper or weapon that uses light shards you would still have 0 ammo and would be in need of reloading.

Side note: Did that sound rude? If so, I’m very sorry, I didn’t mean to sound rude.

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cant you just wire the counter 2 a trigger and wire it back?

counter reaches target value >trigger | triggered>reset counter

then wire the counter to a item greanter:

target value reached>grant item

hoped that cleared up any problems.