How do i make upgrades in my tycoon game?

I’m trying to make a upgrade so you gain more money per second but i don’t get the guide of how to make the upgrade. Here is the guide:`

What part of the guide do you not understand?

At the bottom about the upgrades. Because I think it says to wire but you cant wire a button to property.

Did you follow the guide presicly? I think you can wire a button to a property. Let me test.

Have a button/vending machine/game overlay/whatever, that when interacted with, broadcasts on a channel that a trigger receives on. That trigger should add n to the mps property when pressed.


Ok no you can’t wire a button to a property. So did ClicClac answer your question? If he or she did then please mark a soultion!

Do you have pictures?

No, but it’s fairly straightforward.

Can you simplify the steps then?

like exact channels and devices

If I give you exact channels and devices, I will have all the thinking, and you will have learned nothing. That’s not guiding. If I show you just enough to guide you to the right answer(s), then you can use your creativity and make something original and help yourself learn in the process.

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i figured it out already it doesn’t matter, and it was way simpler and easier to remember

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