How do I make two players switch teams when they kill each other

Please help, I need it for my map.

You could use a Lifecycle with a wire to a team swticher?

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Lifecycle : player knocked out → team switcher : switch team

They both need to swiitch.

You need a bunch of team switchers for “Team [team#]”. After that, you use the KO manager’s blocks yo use concatenation and switch teams.

Can you start searching before you post? You create so many easily solvable questions.

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Then Solve It, Also @getrithekd told me to make this.

how do you do that funny looking text

i’ll go back on topic when you answer

Preformatted text

Do these little ` things

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I’m very confused. I thought it was simple.

a team switcher connected to a knockout manager

Yes, how do I wire it?

its that basic so What the helium am i hearing?

There’s no guide on this as of yet.

you wire it from knockout manager to team switcher ;-;

But that’s only one way, I need the killer to switch too. But only when your on a certain team. If team 1 kills team 2 they switch with each other. When team 2 kills team 1, team one dies. Could you help with that?

what team are they transfering to?

Each others team. But when team 2 kills team 1 they just die.

well i think there is a specific option that activates it when certain dies

So then can’t you just make it to when player kills player, the killing player gets killed too? Like knockout manager, goes off for player being killed, and when the leaderboard point goes up by 1, display it on a counter and if counter goes off due to the leaderboard increasing, the players team that increase will be killed and switched over to the opposite tem.

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