How do I make this kind of zone?

I’m trying to make it so if you enter a zone, you get points. How?

Have the zone broadcast on a channel when a player enters, and have a trigger pick up that broadcast and add points.

Can you send the full screenshot of the code?

How does your points system work? Is it just a property? (I haven’t written the code, just setup the trigger and zone)
also I gotta go now, sorry

Basically making “Would you Rather” - it’s like this or that. Here’s the screenshot of the game (not the lobby)

Ideally you’d have two zones that the player can alternatively enter, and a property to determine which of the zones (1 or 2) contains the correct answer. Once a transmission has been broadcast that indicates the end of a countdown timer, all players in that zone will receive a point.

Here’s one way to tell which zone a player is in:

(1) Players spawn in the bottom left corner, and because the counter is set to 2 by default, the initial value of the counter will be set to 1. Note that the value of a counter has to be linked to a property in order for you to reference that value elsewhere - this can be done by setting Update Property in the Counter device’s settings to Yes and entering the name of a property below.
(2) When a player enters the zone on the right, the value of the counter is increased by 1; when the player enters the zone on the left, the value of the counter is decreased by 1. Because players can’t move outside of the space containing those two zones, there isn’t a way to circumvent this rule - exiting one zone requires entering another, and vice versa.
(3) The value of the counter updates individually - players don’t update the value for everyone when moving between zones. This allows you to reference that value in other devices/blocks to figure out which zone the player is in (and, by extension, whether or not that player should be given points).

If you want to give the player an item when they get an answer correct, then you’ll also have to link whatever timer device you’re using to an item granter (I used the repeater device as an example) and set the granter device to activate when a transmission has been received. When it does receive that message, it can use a checker device or segment of code (I prefer code, because it’s more reliable) to see if the player is in the correct zone:

To make this work properly, you’ll also need to have other devices/code updating the value of correctZone (which should be numeric so that the logic block(s) can make comparisons - true/false should work as well, but you’ll need to go back and change the initial value of the counter device to 1) and giving the player question prompts to respond to. The way that you make that happen depends on how you want the game to assign questions for players to answer - perhaps you could have a list of questions and corresponding answer values for the game to cycle through, or even find a way for the game host to manually assign (type in or select) questions? It’s up to you :]

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