How do I make the impostor win when there is only one crewmate left?

everything is in title

Try this

If you’re using spectators, instead of the end game device, make it check if the player is an impostor, then make it change a property. When the property is changed, it should end the game. Make a widget that shows the property.

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If it works, then make sure to mark a solution!

I tried something different, but it still contains components from @getrithekd’s way. Thank you everyone!

Add a knockout manager and a counter. Wire it to the counter incrementing it everytine a player was knocked out. Then have the counters target as, as many people in your game minus the amonut of imposters. And there u go

That wouldn’t work. If an impostor was voted out, it won’t end. And I would have to keep changing the target.

I mean it would work if there was one imposter and if he/she got voted out end the game

I don’t know how to do that either lol

Here use this voting system: Here by @EggNoodle . Its a really good system

No, I have my voting system. I just don’t know how to make the game end when the impostor gets voted out.

Just wire a end game to the team switcher that has the imposter team relay. Like relay triggered → player to selected team. Player switched to team → end game. For example if the imposter is team 2 then use the relay that has team 2. If you use eggnoodle’s system

Does that only work if I use their system?

I guess, i haven’t used other systems, try it!

I use @getrithekd system, and they don’t have to change teams. I don’t think it would work that way.

Ok then! Happy gimkitting!

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