How do I make that only one person can tag everyone else, and when they're tagged they're spectators?

I KNOW!!! Would you rather have me make a guide or should i just say here

You should say here, but also make a guide for others

You’d need a Lifecycle, Relay and a Team Switcher.
Event Occurs > Trigger Relay (relay random player)
Trigger Relay > Switch Player to configured team (team 2) and set a tag zone where only team 2 can tag everybody

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Just put them on a team by themselves, and have a tag zone active for only them.

In a tag zone you can set a certain team to be the only ones tagging. You could connect a relay to a team switcher that that one person is able to tag!

There’s already a guide for that.

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I’m not making Among Us (not anymore at least, still kinda sad about what happened to my map)
I’m making Hide and Seek and Tag

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I fixed the problem, but now I have a new problem, I put two solutions together! Now it’s between @Haiasi and @Oblivion_Gamez1245

I don’t care, give the solution to him :grinning:

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Wow, i’m gonna cry because of the sportsmanship this man has!

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