How do I make specific names appear on the notification

Like how to make it say " User 1 has knocked down User 2, " but the users will be the players names…

Use blockcode with “triggering Player’s name”

What is blockcode? I cant find it in the devices list…

It’s in your device, it’s not a device by itself. Choose Notification and on the left is block. Click block.

Ok, then what. When recieving on channel or wire pulse?

Well when do you want the notification?

Whenever the person steps on the trigger…

which one do you want it to be recieved by?
channel or wire

Then I suggest on wire pulse.

But, HOW!!!..!!!..

yeah, simpler

press z to go to wires

then get a trigger

wire it to notification device

in the block code of the notification device clck when recieved by wire pulse

That works too…

Then what…???

one sec…

im testing

I fixed it. Thanks guys!

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Does it work? If it does, mark @Aubec7’s post as the solution!

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