How do I make my text go in front of a prop?

I’m making a tag game but it’s a battle royale. But this is standing in my way. Any ideas?

for the text thing just go to layers and make it so the text is above the prop, for the other one, idk

thanks for the first answer

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wait how do i get to the layers options?

top left there should be a button there

oh im an idiot. found it

for the other one you can use a team switcher when they die

thats what im doing! + i realized i was using a tag zone.

I mean a team switcher set to spectator will make it so they can no longer play and therefore dead

oh i found the answer. i was using a tag zone and i just set it not to respawn them. sorry for wasting ur time

@Foxy nvm they still respawn when they are switched + i want them to switch teams, not be a spectator

Psuedo teams?

Just do the same thing @Foxy said except just change the spectator setting to the other team you want them to switch to. Also for the text just do what @vqnillaxx

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