How do I make my game more oftenly searched?

I published this game called sonic battle recently and it got overshadowed on the recently published category by some low quality games so know I need to know how I make it more easy to search for

In the details add unique things about your game (To make it easier to search for)
Get a catchy name for your game
Get a good thumbnail

look it up by the description, not the title. Gimkit needs to fix its game search algorithm.

they did fix it, a little before the recent GKC update!
it searches by name now.

when I mean more oftenly searched I mean what can I do to make it more easily searched by other people

make it a unique name and passively advertise your game.
also, games always get overshadowed in recently published bc people publish maps all the time.

maybe give it a title that is easy to remember, and you haven’t seen before then.
(maybe go to an advertising website to help get it to trending or something? Or just post it on wix a lot)

you can also advertise in your GKC forums bio and in the alternate game discovery

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theres another game discovery?

Alternate GKC Discovery

There are a couple things but Basically:

  1. Make your game likable
  2. Get good thumbnail
  3. Amazing name that sticks out.

The real way is to actually put like “Skibidi” and “Fortnite” and that sort of thing along with advertising on wix and other sites.

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That just needed a password that I did not know.

password is in harharharhar83’s bio

unfortunately that’s blocked on my computer I might check it out on my personal computer on the weekend

Not trying to be rude… but most of the stuff their is like 2 weeks old and counting. I think the Ideas great, but it needs more announcement. (Although I guess that makes the games better and more isolated from bad games so, never mind.)

'83, the owner, is just really busy and better games are hard to find now. also no one hosts live game :(

Not trying to be off topic, but do I need to do sign up sheet for posting or no?

also, thesonicfan12 could you mark a solution

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