How do I make it where people can select a map?

I have a game with 2 maps that people can play from. How do I make it so that players can choose?

They can’t, you got to choose beforehand. Or have two maps in the same game. But thats memory ussage. If so have all the game overlays and stuff deactivated and wire a button to it. If a player presses it activate the devices and teleport them there.Have the players spawn in a waiting room and have buttons wired to teleporters to the different maps.

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Have a popup appear for the host when the game starts using a lifecycle. Then have call to action buttons that select the map.

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Not like that, like build in the same map.

but how do I make it so they spawn there instead of the other map?

You can make it so when the button in the popup is pressed, it transmits on a channel that teleports a player there and activates a checkpoint.

you could try to make two maps in one map and seperate it so players can choose what to play using a teleporter

Use a counter to see how many people pressed each button the counter with the more counts wins and everyone is sent to that map

So voting for a map

three words: Popup and teleporter. (use call to action buttons)

but then they don’t respawn there, so then checkpoint too

True true

Did you get your solution or do you require more help?

I got my solution. Sorry, I was busy doing something. I’ll mark a solution.

It’s okay you are fine just seeing if you needed more help.

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