How do i make it where if someone got eliminated with they lose 1 of many items

like if someone got eliminated with 5 seeds they would lose one seed

Ok. Life cycle.

Life cycle for when player knocked out. Link that to a item granter. Then, make the item granter negative. So do -1.

Hopefully this helps!

basically in total; life cycle on player knocked out. Link to an item granter. Item granter settings are -1 and your seed.

can i do it only when a player eliminates them? or no


Yes you can.

Its not player knocks out, it’s player knocked out.

so they only drop it when a player eliminates them and not a sentry

i think you click this

No, they drop whenever you get eliminated… So if a player gets knocked out, they lose a seed.

becauseim trying to do only player eliminates them and they drop it and not when sentry eliminates them

Oh. Only player?

Hmm. Let me think.

Block code then. You can use team number, and if it applies, then do it. Just wait so I can get images, and you can get the steps.

making a one piece/blox fruits game where research is bounty i already got it where they drop one research but they dont lose one when they get eliminated

kk thanks so much this will most likely help me

did you guys see the post? you go to the setting wheel the items and then scroll down and you will see this…

You could use a relay to make the player that eliminated you send a message and if you are the one who got eliminated then you can take the seed.


Ok, so when a player knocks out, this is what happens. Place down a property that’s true or false. After, the lifecycle also triggers a trigger. After 1 second, copy this block code and make it false.

Then, place down a knockout manager. Make it listen for players. If someone gets eliminated, then make it go to a checker which checks the property. If it’s true, then take it away .

I tried my best, so I’m not 100% sure it works. If it doesn’t work, you might have to talk to someone else.

generally we use 0 and 1 in number properties instead of true and false so they can be updated in more ways like counters

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Did it work? Cause best if you test the system works.

Broooo I was trying to make mine super complex and you did this so easily :sob:

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I mean, practice makes perfect. I’ve been developing since like June and just been practicing. (it takes me a lot of thinking lol)

once you get a hang of using guides, and memorize what each device does, then it helps you out a ton!

im not even done making it its so long (thats what she said)

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