How do i make it when someone answers a question they get xp

I want this so people can get xp from my gimkit creative map

You need a valid kit with your questioner to get XP from it.

i already do. anyway to make it get xp?

It only gets 30xp when you answer the question. No changes can be made.

It needs to be in testing/publish mode I believe for it to work

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does it need to be 3 questions wrong one right?

There has to be at least one incorrect answer in order to receive XP on creative maps.
In other words, you can’t use spamming kits or all-correct answer ones.

does it work if i made the questions overlay?

No, if you link the questioner to the game overlay it will open up the question-answering screen, but you would have to still use the questioner.

You just need a kit that:
Has at least 1 wrong answer

That’s already made.

You have to make the questioner kit not a spam kit, or else you won’t get any XP from it. Put 1 incorrect answer in the spam kit, and you’ll get XP.

For me, spam kits won’t work.

But when I did a normal kit, like school or something, I got exp. So just use a normal kit with basic knowledge you know.

Also, fersion speedy, I’m pretty sure it wont work with 1 incorrect answer. Atleast for me.

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If you answer the questions too quickly, the game automatically stops you from getting xp.
also if you don’t have at least 1 incorrect answer it won’t work.

Reached the limit?


Of what? Likes?

No, the XP Limit.

No. I haven’t even grinded that much yet. I should probably do it now.

Eh, I have a lot of gimbucks. Maybe 4K, i’ll be fine.

If you want to get XP:

You can earn XP from tag domination

If you get all the boosters and barrier areas, you get 500 XP per game. If you play a total of 3 tag domination games, you earn 15000 XP, which is 1500 GIM.

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It’s also pretty quick. A 10 minute chore for your entire weekly limit.

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I tried it and it will take 9 minutes in total. :slight_smile:

500 XP can be done in 1 game and it takes 3 minutes, maybe even 2 minutes and 50 seconds.

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