How do I make it when player reaches a certain amount of an item the barrier deactivates [RESOLVED]

I’m making minigames and when you reach a certain amount of cash it deactivates and area so I can get in there.

Do you want the player to manually deactivate the barrier and lose the certain amount of money or for the barrier to automatically deactivate and keep the money?

I suggest making a repeater that starts at the beginning of the game and never stops. Then, when the signal repeats, wire it to a checker. Check for the amount of the certain item, and if the check passes, deactivate the barrier to the area.

You can make it repeat every 0.5 seconds

lose the certain amount of money

Place an invisible vending machine and when buying out of the vending machine, the barrier deactivates

Thank you, this worked.

You could make a counter that goes up when you earn cash, but I think you can use a inventory manager.

6 months later

please look at the dates before you post