How Do I Make It To Where You Pick Up An Item And A Prop (Barrier) Disappears? [RESOLVED]

Hi guys! I know it can be early for some, but i need help. All my “Doors” (Barriers) Used to have a pass code, where you would open a questionair and answer the code in, and the barrier would disappear. Pretty basic, but functional. Then I found out that my friends that have played this multiple times (Testing It pretty much) could skip to the end if they knew all the codes, and it defeated the purpose. So i switched the codes at the end of the levels to keys. Now moving to the question! How can I make it where the character picks up a key, and can unlock those barriers? (Make them hidden) I Dont understand channels much, so i cant figure out how to use those, and im pretty stumped. (The Key Is Given From A Item Giver) Thanks so much!

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You can make an item shop invisible, put in range of your barrier, make the required item a key, and wire the item shop → barrier, and make it “When Item purchased, hide barrier.”

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