How do I make it to where the player needs a key to remove a barrier?

Trying to make a “gate” and need help.

Not visible Vending machine behind the barrier. Vending machine → barrier. When item purchased, prop hidden.

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That won’t work for what I’m doing tho. My map is set up to where they collect three ladder pieces and once they finish the ladder, I grant a key into their inventory. But I can’t figure out how to wire the key to the barrier.

could also have a button that when pressed sends a signal to a checker

Checker Succeed = amount of item needed, send signal to disable
Checker Failed = Send Broadcast that no key was found

Item granter → barrier, when itme granted deactiveate barrier?

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If you set it up, they build the ladder → Checker succeeds → Grant player [Key]

I asked the same question in another topic I opened yesterday and somebody answered it. But thank ya’ll.