How do I make it to where A laser only attacks 1 player not 2

so how a laser will damage all i need help with it just damaging 1

are they on different teams?

Make it player scoped and not active on start, then use a relay on behalf of the person you want to damage to activate it.


like can u make it simplifyed or atleast pictures just to help me understand it better

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Here: (it is in all options after you scroll down a bit.)
Screenshot 2024-02-22 7.31.43 AM

If this solved your problem then you should probably give @max1 the solution.


Then, when someone steps on a trigger or presses a button, have it activate the laser, and it will only hurt the person who pressed the button/trigger.


Yeah, continuing with what Grey_Stone (and adding pics) said just deactivate the laser the wire a trigger( that is on it’s default settings) to the unactivated laser, then just mark triggered - activate laser. Or do that with a button (default settings) Button pressed - Activate laser

Screenshot 2024-02-22 7.39.13 AM

If this helped your problem then give @Grey_Stone the solution, (Whoever helped you the most, not including me)