How do I make it so when you die you become a spectator

How do I make it so when you die you become a spectator? I’m new to Gimkit so anything would help!

I don’t think you can

someone can correct me if I’m wrong

oh… Ok, thanks for your help!

you can just make it so players dont respawn

Get a life cycle and set it to when knocked out then get a team switcher and wire the lifecycle to the team switcher make sure the team switcher is on spectator.

How do I do that? Anything will help!

what @William said :slight_smile:

Thanks! You guys are the best!

they should be some help make sure you mark @William reply as a sulution

Ok! @jelloboss :slight_smile: Thanks so much!

Well that’s if they find my reply useful.

oh ya right sorry for jumping to a sulution but it did look reliable :slight_smile:

Hey I need help with another thing, How do I make it so If a team wins, the game ends?

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