How do i make it so when someone wins in a race their name is shown and they get cash

i really need this for minigames

Just connect the zone at the end of the race to an item granter.
If you want only one player to win, connect the zone to a wire repeater and the wire repeater back to it to deactivate it.

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Item Granter) Grant Item

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Wire Repeater) Repeat the wire pulse!

(Wire Repeater) When the wire repeater receives a pulse… —> (Zone) Deactivate Zone

Where do you want the name to be shown?

A: Leaderboard
Just make connect the zone to increment a counter-linked property and put that in the Leaderboard settings.

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Counter-Linked Property) Increment Counter

Leaderboard settings:

B: Text Device

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Text) Run Wire Pulse Block


Set Text | Triggering Player’s Name

Activity Feed version:
Lets say that when a player wins, the winning player triggers a trigger.
Set “Trigger Scope” to “Player”
Trigger block code:
Add Activity Feed for Everyone: Create Text with: Triggering Player’s Name
: Text: “has won the race!”
Broadcasts on channel: givecash

Add an item granter.
Make it give cash.
Make it grant item when recieving on “givecash”

Notification version:
Lets assume that when a player wins, the player transmits on a channel called “win”
Make some block code for “when recieving on channel” and set the channel to “win”
Block code:
Send Notification
Header: Text: {insert your win title}
Content: Create Text with: Triggering Player’s Name
: Text: “has won the game!”
Broadcast on Channel: givecash

Use the same item granter steps as previously mentioned.


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